우리는 노스 토론토 한인 비즈니스 협회입니다.

About Us

The Korean Canadian Business Association (“KCBA”) is a not-for-profit organization representing Korean Canadian business owners in the Greater Toronto Area.
Since 2001, the KCBA has had a prominent role in spreading awareness of Korean culture mainly through the increasingly popular Korean Harvest Festival (Hangawi, 한가위). Since then we have grown to be leaders of the Korean business and entrepreneurial community residing in North Toronto, representing their needs on a local, provincial and global scale.
Our team consists of Executive Members and Directors who are actively involved in various business activities in G.T.A. areas and the Korean community at large.
As a member of the KCBA, we hope that you will participate in the development of Korean society and enjoy comprehensive membership benefits.

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Our Mission

  • To create an alliance amongst the increasing population of Korean Canadian business owners and community

  • To help the integration of its members within Canadian culture and society

  • To promote diversity and connect our community with other ethnic groups

우리 팀

Board of Director


2021 Members of the Board

Hyunjoo Chae

Kyung Huh

Younghee Lee

Sungwon Hwang

Peter Roh

SeungMi Shin

Yunjung Kim

Suyeon Choi

Festival Committee


Festival Committee

Jessica Brindley, Special Events

Lindsey Zhou, Marketing

Melanie Swartz, Graphic Design

Brian Kwon, Photography

Inha LEe, Photography

Annie Wang, Sponsorship

Salih Er, General Staff

Hannah Kim, General Staff

Cat Nian, General Staff

Jospeh Won, General Staff

Jinyoung Choi, Project Manager

Woojin Shin, Stage Manager

Sangjin Jeon, MC

Hanna Noh, MC

Joony Suh, MC

Taewook Lee, Videography

Asad Jamal, Volunteer Coordinator

Mel Perpose, General Staff

Andure Powell, General Staff

Sean Padua, General Staff